Thursday, March 29, 2012

As the site title says...

let my VPS go... backed everything up and kinda missed some of the content I had.  so I stuck it on blogger.  busy busy busy, but had to take time to go through the old stuff.  memories...

Monday, March 15, 2010

New opportunity

As anyone reading this may already know... I left Platinum Solutions for a position with a company called Solutions Made Simple, Inc. based in Reston, VA.  I'm moving my family away from the beach which makes us sad, but we are moving into an area we are very familiar with and are looking at this as an adventure!

I  had a great 5 year run with Platinum and met some great people along the way.  Hoping to create more lasting relationships with SMSi and their clients and am looking forward to some very challenging work ahead!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Web Services in Seconds (SOAP/REST)

Don't blink...

1. open netbeans...

2. create a new Java Web Project

3. create a new Web Service

4. specify the implementation details of your new Web Service

5. deploy it!

6. go see  your newly created Web Service in action!


7. now to support  REST too!

8. test your newly created REST service!

Or just hit:


That's it, hope you didn't blink...

Groovy in Action

I started my career with "dynamic languages" (we called them scripting languages then). I enjoy getting things done quickly with scripting languages, the power it gives you and the freedom to concentrate on the problem domain and not fight with the platform. With all the new languages that are available on the JVM alone, I'm having a lot of fun getting back to my roots. To this point I've mostly stuck to Ruby (JRuby) as I really like the syntax of the Ruby language. I've been aware of Groovy for quite some time... hearing Scott Davis and Andy Glover singing it's praises. But have just not given it enough attention... until recently.

I've been reading the Groovy in Action book from Manning. What a great title to get started with. When I get a tech book, I want to make sure it will pass the test of time... meaning: I don't want to read through it and then have to sell it or throw it away immediately due to it's uselessness. This book has a key component to it that makes it worth the money... the logical flow and organization of the book makes it perfect to work as a reference manual later on. If you are like me, you don't exactly remember EVERYTHING you read... reference abilities are VERY important to me.

With features like "FOR THE GEEKS", the layout stays interesting (as interesting as a technical book can be anyway... :) ) I also appreciate the effort taken not to go too far into Grails. Grails is very important to the Groovy language, but not everything. It's touched on in the back of the book, but just enough to give you an idea of it's potential benefit to your arsenal.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Google App Engine - JVM support

So of course most have heard Google App Engine now supports the JVM... and in doing that they have not only gone from just supporting Python, they now support Java and most of the other languages written to run on the JVM.

I find it interesting the first app I built for GAE with the new JVM support was simple Sinatra app using JRuby.  Like many other alternative JVM language implementers, the JRuby team leaped into action to make sure their stuff worked on GAE.  I have to admit I was amazed how things just seemed to work.  With some help from Ola Bini's post (for Bumble), I was able to build a simple application in no time at all.

CouchoRecently I was asked to look into implementation options for a project who's resources seem to have a skill set based in PHP.  Most of our work is based in the JVM so I went back to Caucho's Quercus PHP support for the JVM.  Based on a recommendation from the Twitterverse I started looking into the CodeIgniter PHP web framework as well.  This project seems to have a some momentum, the documentation at first glance appears up-to-snuff and video demonstrations are always a plus!

After playing around with CodeIgniter for a while running under oucho's Resin server, I figured someone had already run this framework on GAE... and of course someone has.  Caucho released a blog post about Quercus running PHP on GAE and this application seems to be proof of CodeIgniter on GAE.

Google had a ton of folks crying out to get their favorite language supported on GAE, Java was high on that list I'm sure.  But in supporting the JVM, Google has opened their App Engine cloud based platform to a miriad of developers to play around on.  Nice move Google.