Sunday, November 26, 2006

The right place at the right time…

I had to replace the glass in one of my patio doors so I went up to Home Depot like any other average "think I'm a handy man" joe would do to try to buy a replacement. They don't carry replacement panes in stock, of course, so I had to order one which would run me approx. $96 dollars and would not come in for another 6 to 10 biz days.

We put up with the broken glass patiently awaiting the arrival of the replacement which eventually came in. I get the glass home, removed the broken piece and begin to lift the replacement into place... you can see it coming can't you... it didn't fit!!! It was too big! I was extremely upset to say the least. I took the "no good to me" glass pane back to Home Depot where I argued with the service department about who's fault it was and finally got my money back.

I decide to try my luck with Lowes which is farther from my house. I mentioned the situation to folks at the door department and asked what my options are... he replied "could be very good". Apparently someone had ordered a replacement pane for their patio door but had ordered the wrong size as well. I walked out of there with the replacement for $20!!!

I wonder if the person who's glass I got went to Home Depot and bought the pane I ordered... nice way to save some money! :)

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