Thursday, December 4, 2008

JRuby getting lots of attention lately

Of course while I'm away, toiling on projects using Spring/Hibernate, JBoss/EJB3/GWT things with the JRuby world get really exciting.  New versions of JRuby are rolling out everytime you turn around and the gems and projects that run on jruby are getting refreshed daily it seems.  Here are just some of the highlights I've seen fly by...

Hopefully I'll get some time of the holidays to dust off some of my (now old) projects and give them a whirl with all the new hotness... I'd love to do some more benchmarks and see if the thread-safety of Rails does anything to improve things on jruby outright.  Of course, I'll post results if I can get around to it.

For a sort of realtime look at what folks are doing with jruby:

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