Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Latest JRuby release is faster

The latest JRuby release (Jruby 1.1RC1) improves on the past numbers showing the recent push for speed. I have been out of the loop for a while but am not surprised to see these improvements.

But speed was not the only thing happening in the JRuby camp lately :
- 143 issues resolved since JRuby 1.1b1
- Landing of Java port of Oniguruma (Joni)
- Most Posix methods supported (e.g. stat, kill, getuid)
- Latest Rubygems 1.0.1, RSpec 1.1.1, and Rake 0.8.1 gems
- Updated standard library to be Ruby 1.8.6 compatible

more details here

Makes one wonder... with JRuby's speed increases, Java integration (remember Java is everywhere) and a great tooling story... when does JRuby replace Rhino as an alternate pre-packaged language in the JDK? (or the JRE for that matter?)

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