Friday, January 25, 2008

Aloha Color Theme for NetBeans 6

UPDATE: The Aloha theme is included in the Extra Ruby Themes module
for NetBeans.

UPDATE: Go get the new version for NB 6.1 here.

UPDATE: I've started looking into updating the theme for NB 6.1 (due out in a few days) I'll create a new post and link to the download once it's complete. Thanks for your patience.

I've been giving NetBeans 6 a try lately and I'm enjoying it very much... but I really like the color themes available for TextMate. I'm not a big fan of the defaults and I wanted something different... so I started looking. The Ruby Dark Pastels theme by Jerrett Taylor comes with a plugin download, I found this theme called Fade to Grey by Brasten Sager and then I stumbled upon this color theme by Carmelyne Thompson. The theme Carmelyne created was what I was looking for with a few tweaks. And since I do work with a lot of different file types, I wanted to make sure most if not all the file types held the color theme. So after a few tweaks and writing something to help me create my NetBeans Module file... here are the results:

Aloha Color Theme for NetBeans

Aloha Look






NetBeans Go get NB 6.1 and use the theme on this page instead!!! NetBeans

After the download, open NetBeans and go to Tools > Plugins. In the Download tab, add the AlohaTheme.nbm and install. To use it, just select it from the Fonts & Colors profile "Aloha."

I can't get the CSS to stop painting the keywords neon blue and it can be a little hard on the eyes... if anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know.


Matt Harnaga said...

Nice work!

I found the dark-pastels theme to be close-but-no-cigar as well.

Mike McKinney said...

@Matt - I like Jerrett and Brasten's themes as well. But I really like the colors Bryan Veloso used for this blog's theme "ChaoticSoul" so I wanted my IDE to use them. It's all about choice!

jerrett said...

Nice! I'll have to give it a try, looks good! I can't wait for 121847 to be fixed though

John said...

The theme has been installed and seems nice.

Dimaa said...

About Netbeans CSS color problem - it can be fixed by:
1. find org-netbeans-modules-languages-css.jar module in "...\NetBeans 6.0\ide8\modules\" folder
2. extract files from it (as from zip archive)
3. find file CSS.nbs in extracted files
4. edit CSS.nbs "COLOR:key:{}" section - set "foreground_color:" to desired value
5. zip all files back to org-netbeans-modules-languages-css.jar module, copy it back in "...\NetBeans 6.0\ide8\modules\" folder

...or you can try my patched module from

jc said...

Fail. Why not just copy the damn theme (its called vibrant ink)? Why change it?

Is it copyrighted or something? W...T...F?

Anyways... good job on the theme. I'll try to hack it up so its correct and reupload it.

Mike McKinney said...

@jc - Thanks for the tip on Vibrant Ink, didn't know it was out there. I mentioned my reasons for making this theme and the colors are definately different (they mimic those found on this site.) A NetBeans port of Vibrant Ink is a great idea. Please link to your version when you complete it!

Patch said...

Great work. I was looking for something like this since I use netbeans for rails development. Thank you!

Michal Hantl said...

Thank you! Its very nice. What font do you use?

Mike McKinney said...

Thanks Michal... the theme uses Monaco, but if you are on windows you may want to use Lucida Console or google for windows version of the font.

codevader » Blog Archive » Netbeans Color Scheme said...

[...] was looking for a nice color scheme that doesn’t bombard me with to many rays. I found this scheme that claims to be a textmate styled scheme for netbeans. It works for [...]

Carmelyne Thompson said...

Whoa cool. We love colors :) I like how you've tweaked it further. Looks really good.

Dave said...

Thanks for Aloha, it's great, but why are Controller Names black on black and almost absolutely illegible?

Mike McKinney said...

You are using NB 6.1beta. This theme was made for NB 6.0 and works as you see in the images above... I downloaded NB 6.1 and had the same issues (changes in NB are drastic on all fronts, those folks are busy bees).

I plan to update the theme when I get a chance and create an nbm compatible with the changes in 6.1.

gauda said...

i would really appreciate an update to nb 6.1! please find some time, because this is the greatest white on black theme for nb!

ncwil said...

An update for 6.1 beta would be fantastic. Thanks!

CV said...

Thanks for all the effort!

mil said...

+ 1 for 6.1 :)

61 user said...

+1 for 6.1 !!! it's in RC already...

nethasbeans said...

6.1 is now final. And it's much better than 6.0, I don't know why anyone would want to use 6.0 anymore

George said...

Hello, can you tell me how it is possible to export my color setting into a theme? I use NetBeans 6.5 RC 1

Opiphaple said...

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