Monday, April 28, 2008

Aloha Color Theme for NetBeans 6.1*

UPDATE: The Aloha theme is included in the Extra Ruby Themes module
for NetBeans.

Finally... (sorry for the wait) The Aloha Color Theme for NB 6.1 is available for download.

The original version for 6.0 (here) had issues coming over. If you have not updated yet, you will want to with this list of features.

Aloha Color Theme for NetBeans

Aloha Look








NetBeans Download the NBM here. NetBeans

After the download, open NetBeans and go to Tools > Plugins. In the Download tab, add the AlohaTheme.nbm and install. To use it, just select it from the Fonts & Colors profile "Aloha."

You will want to go change the "Diff" colors which are not included in the theme (not yet anyway). Color of Added Text: Black, Color of Changed Text: Dark Grey.


Vitaly Baiby said...

Nice theme, Thanks

David Spector said...

*sigh* doesn't seem to install properly on NetBeans 6.1 on OS X...

David Spector said...

ah.. on OS X, Leopard INSISTS on forcing the .nbm file to be a .jar file -- renaming by clicking in the Finder won't help, you have to get info on the file and take off the .jar extension (and click "use .nbm" when the dialog pops up).

After all that, then the plugin will install without error.

Mike McKinney said...

thanks for posting this... I was going to say I created it on a MacBook but with 10.4. is this a known issue or something?

Gerald said...

Thanks for the nice work!
Works perfectly with ubuntu hardy.

Steven Ringo said...

Thanks for the great theme - I notice from your screenshots that your font rendering on OS X looks like "native" rendering. My fonts look a bit different. Are you using a standard install of NetBeans 6.1?

Mike McKinney said...

Steven: yep, standard install, no tweakage.

baepower's me2DAY said...

SHIBATA의 알림...

NetBeans IDE 6.1에서 Rubywebcast에서 볼 수 있는 Textmate color를 사용할 수 있도록 하는 컬러템플릿… 설치 방법도 적혀있으니 참고...

Ric said...

Thanks for the theme. I had been tweaking the Norway Today theme but couldn't get it quite right. :-)

Ric said...

Hi Mike - loved your theme so much I've linked back to you from my blog: A great theme for netbeans

Netbeans « Bugs Need Fix said...

[...] also use Aloha for my Netbeans theme. It certainly gives me a textmate like theme. Though if I have the dough, I [...]

MK said...

Links seems to be broken?

rhubarb said...

the link is dead - where can I get this theme plesae?

Also on the subject of fonts on the Mac, I'm using monaco for Eclipse, but with a system setting to (using the defaults command) to force it to turn off font smoothing. I can't see any way to do this for NetBeans. Makes a huge difference.

Mike McKinney said...

GoDaddy had a zone record hiccup last night... please try again now!

Nestor said...

Cool. works great in my ubuntu 8.04 box

NetBeans 6.5 beta is out | Not Geekly Correct said...

[...] I’ve told you there were a problem with netbeans 6.5 and the textmate color plugin. In fact it works well, you just have to reinstall the plugin. You can find this plugin here Huikau texmate plugin color netbeans 6.x. [...]

Carlos J. Souza said...

Great. Very good!

Suan said...

Just letting you should change the C/C++ "mark occurences" colors (the current highlighted text is horribly uncontrasted). Other than that, great theme!

Mike McKinney said...

@Suan : there are definitely a few issues with the theme in some of the languages... when I get time, I'll review it for the 6.5 version and see if I can get the update to Tor/Sun to put in the Ruby-extras plugin as well.

Jason said...

Hi Mike...I've been using this theme for Ruby since Netbeans 6.1 was still in development, and I love it. Still works great with Netbeans 6.5 (Beta so far). I figured for yourself, and some others out there, you might like some of the color changes I've made over that time, including things like diff and breakpoint. Here you go, and if you want to use any in the "official" release for 6.5, please do.

Syntax Tab:
All Languages:
Font: Monaco 11
Background: 10, 16, 26
Class Variable: 147, 140, 255
Constant: 115, 191, 191
Floating Point Number: 237, 221, 61
Global Variable: 135, 128, 255
Instance: 182, 179, 255
Ruby Code: 58, 64, 56
Ruby Comment: 58, 64, 56
Ruby Delimiter: 210, 117, 34; 58, 64, 56

Annotations tab:
Breakpoint: 77, 47, 47
Call Site: 85, 84, 89
Current Program Counter: 73, 89, 66
Program Counter and a Breakpoint: 73, 89, 66

Diff tab:
Added: 45, 64, 45
Changed 40, 50, 64
Removed: 64, 40, 46

Michal Hantl said...

Hi! Aloha theme is absolutely awesome - I love it!

Will there be a 6.5 version? I migrated to 6.5 and had to setup few colors but its still not as with aloha on 6.1.

If there is even beta version I'd be happy to try/test it.

Zilo said...

Great!. Really nice colours. Easy to the eyes.

Mike McKinney said...

I've been extremely busy with work lately and have not had time to investigate the theme on NB 6.5... Tor @ Sun has folded the theme into the NB ruby extras package so maybe report issues there?

Also, to my knowledge there is no real easy standard way to build a theme package for NB (future releases?) I usually create a theme, then run a few scripts to package it all up... would like to fold that functionality into NB but the time has eluded me.

Anton Djurasaj said...

Hi Mike,

First of all, thanks for this great theme for us who prefer NetBeans to TextMate but still like the TM theme.
I noticed that Monaco is rendered differently in NB 6.5 compared to how it was rendered in NB <=6.1. I know that is an NB specific question, but I only wanted to know if anybody noticed the same difference. I tried it on two computers so far, and on both machines Monaco is rendered somewhat fuzzy (it used to be quite smooth).


Mike McKinney said...

I had not noticed the change but have been using other IDE's of late... maybe hunt around to see if anyone filed an NB bug for this... if not, take screenshots and send em in for investigation. Glad you like the theme.

Carlos said...

Nice theme! Although I wish JSP's have adequate coloring as well.